XB8EC Wins End of Season Cup in Galicia



“The end of season cup took place last weekend in Caldas de Reis at the Correcaminos Club. In this race, some business generously sponsored with a lot of prizes such as tires, fuel, caps… JPA Sport & Modelcoruna were included. The great racers of Galicia were there, including Ivan Cerdeira (current Galician Champion) with his new car NRB 3. XRAY was represented by Team Driver Cristian Villar. The organization was very good, and the race was run in reverse from what it usually is. The finish line, pit lane, jumps, etc. were modified for the race. Some areas were considered as “traps” – like a wet flat area with no traction – and took a lot of technical skill to navigate them… even still, there was a lot of skidding all morning.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]