XB8EC & Brennan Ralls Win Proline Badlands Challange



“Over this coming winter DRT ( Dartford race track ) is holding the CML Proline Badlands Challange. Its a controled tyre event using only the badlands tyres. The track is a soft dirt track with varios jump sections & banked corners, but due to the soil ruts & digs out very easily, qualifying would be run on FTD style so getting a run in would be difficult. On arrival their was a good turn out of both truggys & buggys, having never raced here before the local racers would have a destinct advantage, I managed to get a 10 minute practice which proved very usefull if only to get used to the vey bumpy track. The car felt very well balanced requiring only a small adjustment to help on the bumps.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]