TT01 Graphite Conversion Kit



“TT01 graphite conversion kit is the first-ever product in the RC market. It is the result of 3Racing Team’s a year development effort. With our professional and well proven skill, we have changed the plastic chassis to be graphite, preserve the vantage point of original chassis and add-on more additional functions. It is the best product for TT01 driver who wants from entry level to be professional.

Innovation design with high quality materials


The main chassis and upper desk is made of 2.0 mm high quality graphite. It is the maximum of rigidity, strength and reduced weight. Low center gravity design makes your TT01 more stable. Upper desk post is the special feature of this conversion kit. Besides increasing the durable of car kit, it also provides three different setting holes for your option: Front, Middle and Rear. Different holding position will affect the torsion and performance. You can hold it in these three different positions as your favor.Independent Front and Rear Gear Box


The first difficult problem of designing this conversion kit is separates the gear box and the chassis. It is because the original one is molded the gear box and main chassis together that we have several feasibility solving method. It has plenty of upgrade potential. After our continuous cycle of modifying and testing, we have chosen the best one as a result. Normally, gear box will be worn off for using a several time. It will affect the performance of running. Because the gear box is molded with the main chassis, you should change the whole plastic chassis even though you only want change the gear box. Our gear box is independent of main chassis; you can only change one of the gear box, front or rear, as you need.

Front Upper and Lower Bumper


3Racing Team thinks that it is not strong enough for original chassis that only mount the upper front bumper on the foam bumper so that we have made some little changes on it. We have added two screw holes on the gear box and extended the surface of upper bumper. Mounting the upper bumper on the gear box can increase the protection of forepart. Because of increasing the surface of upper bumper, it can grasp and hold the foam bumper more tightly.

Battery Strap Socket


Magic tape battery strap socket is 3Racing’s distinctive design. It is the add-on of TT01 graphite conversion kit. The battery strap socket can hold your batteries steady because there are two plastic holders which can fix the batteries position. It also reduces the weight of your car kit and the opportunity of short-circuits.

Aluminum Motor Mount


It is made of high quality alloy with light-weight cutting and heat sink pattern. Your motor can keep stable to let your car deliver the best performance. In addition, it is flexible for you to adjust the motor easily without taken apart any parts. “

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