Serpent Nations Cup Glory for Spain and Netherlands



“The third running of the annual Serpent Nations Cup took place over the weekend in beautiful sunshine at the Monsanto track in Lisbon, Portugal, where 16 teams representing seven Nations gathered to race for the pride of their country. Previously an exclusive 1:8 scale event, the 2007 edition saw the introduction of the 1:10 Nations Cup and the first 200mm touring car competition attracted drivers from Ireland, France, Spain, Holland, Sweden and host nations Portugal. Largest of the visiting teams was that of the very smartly presented Irish squad who travelled to the 2008 IFMAR Worlds host track with 11 drivers while the smallest team was the United Nations who had just two drivers in the form of Swedish racer Peo Ola Hard and Dutchman Ruud Schuitmaker.” Read More… [Source –]