SIIM PGR Engines



“Soon a powerful engine family will arrive to the RC Scene: the all-new SIIM PGR, from SIIM Racing in Spain. The spanish brand is about to release 3 engine types: SIIM PGR S12T – 1/10 touring, SIIM PGR S21P – 1/8 onroad, and SIIM PGR S21B – 1/8 buggy. These new engines have been proved and tested for a long period of time to ensure their performance and quality is up to today’s high standards, in order to rise the top positions at international races. Manufactured in Italy in collaboration with a prestigious engine builder, the SIIM PGR engine family will establish a new reference in the international market. Its high performance, durability and design will not go unnoticed for the expert audicences.” [Source –]