Xray M18T & M18MT Ready-To-Run



“Xray have announced the release of 2 new ready to run kits featuring their successful M18T micro truck and M18MT micro monster truck, both of which will be supplied with the all new Xray radio system and power pack. Assembled in the European Xray factory, the RTR package includes everything you need to get your M18T/M18MT on track in a matter or minutes. The fully assembled, and electronics equipped, truck/monster truck comes with pre-painted, trimmed and decaled body which is available in red, blue, green or orange while the radio system is available on world friendly frequencies.

:: Main features:
• 1/18 professional 4WD high load competition shaft driven micro truck/monster truck
• Maximum efficiency drivetrain includes 22 high-speed ball-bearings
• Fully independent front and rear suspension
• Oil-filled coil-over shocks
• Servo saver included
• Adjustable turnbuckles
• Front and rear adjustable ball differentials
• Adjustable shock position for damping adjustment
• Easily-adjustable motor mount
• Chassis accommodates 5 or 6 cell battery packs
• Set of pre-glued tires
• Pre-painted, trimmed and decaled body (red, blue, green or orange colour)
• Set of pinions

:: Xray Electronics installed in the truck/monster truck:
• 6-cell high capacity NiMh battery pack
• 370 super-size motor with installed capacitor board
• XMC300R speed controller with reverse
• XMS01 servo with installed servo saver
• XT1 AM high quality radio system

:: Technical specifications for Xray M18T RTR:
• Length (without body): 211mm
• Wheelbase: 150mm
• Front width (outside rims): 178mm
• Rear width (outside rims): 180mm
• Front caster: 12.3°
• Weight: 295g
• Ready to run weight: 535g
• Internal gear ratio: 2.5:1

:: Technical specifications for Xray M18MT RTR:
• Length (without body): 222 mm
• Wheelbase: 150mm
• Front width (outside rims): 195mm
• Rear width (outside rims): 195mm
• Weight: 395g
• Ready to run weight: 535g
• Internal gear ratio: 2.0:1″

[Source – Our reporter John Timberlake @ mini-jt.co.uk]