Truggy Bonanza



“Report by Andy Taylor – Some times work gets in the way of play. When you have just turned 17 and passed your car test it also becomes a necessity. So whilst the Nitro Winter Series was announced at the increasing popular all weather track at frankly in the West Midlands it was a bonus to know that Saturday racing was also on offer. With the more popular buggies running on the 4th Sunday of each month (6 round series) it made sense for the club to just tie up one weekend leaving 3 others for Clubs in the surrounding area to run events. So the Saturday Truggy Club was born. One exception was this past week where the events were brought forward so drivers and club representatives will be able to attend the important BRCA AGM at stoke, which is always held on the last Sunday in October.A team XRAY driver Lee Taylor was that man. Still wanting to get out and have fun , but needing to work to pay for essentials, he booked in for the Truggy meetings when rostered to work the Sunday.” Read More… [Source –]