XT8 & Leon McIntosh Win the Region 4 Champoinships



“Racers from all around the state of Florida came together for the championship race. The track for the most part was very wide open with some tight and technical sections. The race format was the best 2 of 4 qualifying would seat you for the mains. After 4 rounds of qualifying I managed to put my XT8 3rd on the grid for the 30 minute A-Main. At the start of the main I quickly worked my way into 2nd behind Kyosho’s Ryan Eckert. For the first 10 minutes we traded the lead back and forth until the 12 minute mark when Ryan lost a diff gear. This event gave me a comfortable lead. This also moved Mugen driver Jeff Keaton into 2nd followed by Kyosho Driver Sean Kersten. At the Buzzer that is how it finished up.

Final results:
1- Leon McIntosh XRAY XT8
2- Jeff Keaton
3- Sean Kersten
4- Arron Sikes
5- Randy Deepen
6- Joey Perez
7- Glenn Napurski XRAY XT8
8- Chad Olcott
9- Tony Pattishall
10- Ryan Eckert”

[Source – teamxray.com]