Novak Velociti Light BL Motor Series



“As a leader in sensored brushless motor design, Novak is doubling its Velociti motor series to complement any type of driving style. Novak’s new Velociti Light Brushless Motor series offers a different feel to Velociti by providing slower acceleration and softer braking power. The Light motors excel in challenging off-road and paved tracks, and offer exquisite control. There are five motors included in the Light series: Velociti Light 3.5L Brushless Motor (#3303), Velociti Light 4.5L Brushless Motor (#3304), Velociti Light 5.5L Brushless Motor (#3305), Velociti Light 6.5L Brushless Motor (#3306) and Velociti Light 7.5L Brushless Motor (#3307).” Find out more… [Source –]