HB GT10 Sport Jumps Into View!



“The Hot Bodies Lightning GT10 Sport is a rough-and-ready off-road monster machine! At just the right size for back garden bashing, this 1/10th scale 4WD monster truck is a fun and reliable all-around fun truck to drive hard and jump high! Although the Lightning GT10 Sport can easily handle off-road track conditions, it’s meant to be a fun and enjoyable “run anywhere” nitro monster truck! The Lightning GT10 Sport was designed from the ground up to be a fun, big-tyre truck that can run anywhere, all day long. To do this, HB designers gave it a tough 4WD shaft drivetrain just like racing rallycross buggies, dual oil-filled shocks on every corner, large all-terrain tyres and a sturdy 3.0 size Power Factory engine for massive power!” Find out more…. [Source – mirageracing.com]