CML Raceway October 30th


“The first round of the CML winter series started with an unusual twist, not just the late start but it was decided to run Reedy Race format. Most of the racers where un familiar with this style but it turned out to be an great style of racing for all of us. It involved running 12 heats, where each racer either class got 4 races, each time racing different people. 7 cars run in each heat and 1 point was awarded to 1st place and 2 for 2nd etc. The races started with a warble and 7 cars hurtling towards the first tight corner leading in the “Bomb hole” Many expected for the first corner and jump to be carnage, however after everyone settled in it didn’t turn out to bad with many clean starts.

This style of racing gave everyone a fair chance at the number 1 point instead of having to battle the way through the field.

Lee martin was running Team Associated’s latest 4wd buggy the B44, the car looked very quick and settled in the air and around the tight astro-turf corners proving to be a very quick car in the right hands.

2wd finishing results

Driver –  Best 2 rounds  – Total
Nick Goodall        1 1             2
Chris Doughty     1 1             2
Ryan Lees            1 1             2

The top 3 where drawn on points but it was then taken on times, Nick Goodall was very quick and Chris wasn’t quite on the pace of Nick, Ryan was quite far behind on times and had his to 1’s when Nick dropped out and another when Chris pulled of. All three drivers where running the Team Associated B4

4wd final results
Driver –  Best 2 rounds  – Total
Lee Martin        1 1               2
Tristram Neil    2 1              3
Tony Truman   2 1              3

Lee martin took the top spot quite easily with his B44 and was very hard to catch, Tristram with his xx4 managed to beat Tony’s time set with his Hotbodies D4 marginally which gave him the 2nd spot.” [Source – Our very own reporter Ryan Lees]